Our extra services

You don’t have to go anywhere else when you join us. We are your personal IT Team

SEO & Internet Marketing

We have a team of expert search engine optimization and Internet Marketing Professionals ready to take on your project.

Landing Pages

Whenever you require a landing page, look no further, we are there to help you get the best lead capturing page with highest ROI.

Mobile App Development

We can create Native, hybrid and mobile web applications and get your audience wondering how magical is your IT team.

Bulk SMS/E-mail marketing

Believe it or not, E-mail has never stopped to amaze marketers with great results. We have offer Bulk E-mail & SMS services too.

Internet Ad Campaigning / PPC

Get you internet ad campaigns on search results, banner ads, traffic ads and a lot more flexibility with our plans.

Audio Video & Print

If you require studio quality audio ads/video ads or digital printing such as profile, visiting card etc, look no further.